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01/06/2021 | Article

Measure the Success of Your Digital Fundraising with These Key Metrics!
Digital fundraising can be a lucrative way to fundraise, especially in a time when social media is an integral part of our lives. Being able to target your campaigns directly…
Donation Page Best Practices by SG Support

17/05/2021 | Article

Boost Your Donation Page, Boost Your Fundraising
If a person lands on your donation page, chances are there’s already some interest or intention to donate. Set up your donation page properly to complete the ask and seal…

28/04/2021 | Annual Report

Annual Report 2020
Our Annual Reports are the best medium for you to learn about SG Support’s achievements and developments as we observe, compare and summarise the growth of all our markets over…

23/04/2021 | Article

Fine-tune Your Fundraising Strategy Using Donor Data
The advent of data as a valuable resource in today’s times cannot be understated, and this applies to fundraising as well. As we modernise as a society through increased access…

12/04/2021 | Article

The Keys to an Effective Data-Driven Fundraising Campaign
Using data to drive your fundraising campaigns might sound simple in theory but can be complex in the execution. Synthesising layers of data for information which can inform your next…
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