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25/08/2021 | Article | Ryan Teo, Shaz Elanie

Upgrading your donors: Must do or nice-to-have?
You’re great at acquiring and retaining donors. Now, what about upgrading them? Having regular donors who agree to upsize their monthly gifts might seem like a lucky find, but you’ll…
Refugee children and youth

22/07/2021 | Interview | Shaz Elanie

Fugee Keeps Education Going for Refugee Students Amidst COVID-19
Many Malaysians know of Fugee but might not be familiar with the work it does. The Malaysian-based non-profit organisation empowers refugees to take control of their futures through high-quality education…
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01/06/2021 | Article | Ryan Teo

Measure the Success of Your Digital Fundraising with These Key Metrics!
Digital fundraising can be a lucrative way to fundraise, especially in a time when social media is an integral part of our lives. Being able to target your campaigns directly…
Donation Page Best Practices by SG Support

17/05/2021 | Article | Ryan Teo

Boost Your Donation Page, Boost Your Fundraising
If a person lands on your donation page, chances are there’s already some interest or intention to donate. Set up your donation page properly to complete the ask and seal…

28/04/2021 | Annual Report | Ryan Teo

Annual Report 2020
Our Annual Reports are the best medium for you to learn about SG Support’s achievements and developments as we observe, compare and summarise the growth of all our markets over…
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