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The Art Of Fundraising With The Science Of ‘Donate Now, Pay Later’

24/01/2022 | Industry Trends and News | Gabrielle Gean

Donate Now, Pay Later: Is It Raising the Bar for Fundraising?
With online retailing on the rise, the new payment method, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), has emerged as an exciting new way to meet the needs of customers. However, it…

21/01/2022 | Fundraising Analytics | Gabrielle Gean

Opening the Gateway to Donors: Is Data Analytics The Golden Key?
Summary Data analytics enable charities to activate as well as retain their donors. Data analytics work best when five principles are followed: segmenting donors based on value, automating forecasts, predicting…
How annual report can support your fundraising goals

07/01/2022 | Fundraising Best Practices | Gabrielle Gean

How a Great Annual Report Can Support Your Fundraising Goals
Preparing an annual report is indeed a lot of work. However, it is one of your nonprofit’s most critical pieces of marketing material and when done correctly, can play a…
Grow your regular giving donor base with telemarketing

06/12/2021 | Fundraising Best Practices | Gabrielle Gean

Tele-Converting One-Time Donors to Recurring Donors
“How do I grow my regular giving donor base?” – this is a question that many nonprofits grapple with. Now there may be many ways to go about it, but…
Last min fundraising formula

01/12/2021 | Fundraising Best Practices | Gabrielle Gean

A Last-Minute Formula for Year-End Fundraising Success
It’s now December and the next four weeks mark the busiest giving season of the year. But you don’t feel quite prepared, in fact, maybe even a little overwhelmed with…
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