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…and we are Asia’s leading outsourced partner for charities and not for profit organisations. At SG, we provide a complete suite of services for our charity partners all of which are designed to deliver world class donor management. In short, we take care of all the important things relating to the donors so that our charity partners can be free to focus their time and resources solely on their missions, whether that be preserving nature, caring for children, feeding the hungry or providing a brighter future for those most in need. Currently SG has a presence in 10 countries globally, and in each of these countries our charity partners trust us to strategically manage, retain and grow their donor base.

Payment Processing

Perhaps the most important thing we do is make sure that donors’ gifts reach charities safely, accountably and on time – all the time. We use our thorough knowledge of banking processes to help our partners sort out any little details, which may hold-up the smooth flow of donations.


Financial Reporting

Financial numbers can be hard to digest. Thankfully, we provide the clarity needed to determine what campaigns are performing, where the wins and losses are and how charities should work with their donor acquisition agencies to get the best, long term results.


Donor Communications

At SG, we believe that donor communications is more than sending the right stuff, to the right people, at the right time. A great communications plan should ultimately increase the value of a charity’s database by cultivating a strong relationship between the charity and donor.


Contact Centre

Our talented teams on the phone represent our partners with passion, enthusiasm and sincerity. We speak the local language of all the countries we work in and are committed to informing donors so they know how their contributions are making a difference and to answer any questions that they may have.


Cloud Based Services

Our proprietary software powers our business and enables us to do what we do seamlessly and accurately. Our IT solutions provide all the support needed, from self-service database access to integration work with other technology partners.


Analytics & Business Intelligence

We turn data into easy to understand information to help our partners in all aspects of fundraising. Backed by historical data, industry trends, and domain experts, our analysts mine all relevant data to provide insights to trends and support real decision making. In short, we are a strategic partner, who helps charities fundraise brilliantly.


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“Big data is levelling the playing field for charities and allowing them to gain similar insights into their customers as international corporations” –Microsoft SG kicked off our annual data-sharing sessions with our Southeast Asia charity partners this year with the first session held in Thailand in July. Data Share, which started in 2017, is part […]
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Our Chief Operating Officer, Richard, shares SG’s insight into the Malaysian charity market. “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” —The Economist This certainly rings true in the charity sector as well. Today, technology allows charities to put data to work to understand donor behaviours, identify opportunities from trends, and make […]
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CharitABLE is a donor database management application built to evolve alongside our needs. We are proud to introduce CharitABLE, our new donor database management program. CharitABLE, the brainchild of SG Global, is a cloud-based application designed to help us manage donors on behalf of our charity partners. It serves our business needs from processing donations, […]
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